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Italy Hidden Experiences aims to introduce travelers to a hidden & authentic point of view of Italy through small group and bespoke experiences!

Check-out our exclusive experiences to feel the unique and authentic flavor of Italy, above all.
Our vision is to bring the best of our country to our guests, in the most personal and enjoyable way possible.

Furthermore, the main objective is to provide the best cooking classes, food & wine tastings and cultural tours. Cultural or walking tours might be small group experiences of no more than 15 people, as well as private and tailor-made activities.

Therefore, thanks to these unforgettable activities, our guests can live the best Italian experience ever.

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Explore Italy as never before. With Italy Hidden Experiences you will unveil ancient stories about our culture and territory.

Above all, our monolingual experiences are the best you can get from your journey in this enchanting country.

We found out that tourists traveling to Italy were tired of being herded around in huge groups, and seeing Italy through coach windows.

For this reason, Italy Hidden Experiences fits perfectly with you. We can guarantee high-level small groups, tailor-made private experiences as well as a local certified tour guide.

As a result, the main goal is to offer exclusive and authentic tours likewise unusual activities in order to ensure enjoyable experiences to our customers and, at the same time, enhancing the Italian territory.

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Small Groups Activities

All our experiences will be held in a small group of no more than 15 people.

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel your experience free of charge within 24 hours prior to the activity.

Customer Care

Our customer is our priority. We are available to answer any questions or solve any issues you may have.

Monolingual Experiences

Our experiences are all monolingual: you will hear just your language spoken.

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