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August in the city

Ideas on how to spend August in the city.

In this article we will discover together how to spend a pleasant August in the city. In fact, our beautiful cities offer many activities, cultural and not only, but above all fun and within everyone’s reach, to give us an unforgettable summer.

The city empties, giving us the opportunity to walk in the evening in complete tranquility, enjoying the drop in temperatures and admiring glimpses that, with the daily frenzy, we do not always manage to enjoy.In addition to wonderful evening walks, our cities offer moments of entertainment and leisure that make August a magical month to live in the city.

Milan offers a rich program of events. We can definitely mention:


Sforza Castle in Milan
Sforza Castle – @Pixabay

It is a review of events, concerts and shows that take place in a unique location: the courtyards of the Castello Sforzesco in Milan.

This event is carried out in complete safety, thanks to the booking service: to participate, just click on THIS LINK. During these evening shows, you can listen to pop or classical music or admire a theatrical work in the shadow of the laces of the Castello Sforzesco, symbol of Milan. And why not, before the show you could also browse inside the Castle thanks to a guided tour.

If, on the other hand, you are more interested in a trip outside the city, the Lombardy region offers breathtaking landscapes with milder and less hot temperatures than the city. An example?


Franciacorta – @Pixabay

The Franciacorta area is characterized by the Prealps which offer more pleasant temperatures even in the central summer months. Here, you can admire hilly, mountain and lake landscapes, traveling only an hour’s drive from Milan.

You can explore the wonderful villages that characterize this area, but also enjoy the magnificent panorama of Lake Iseo. Furthermore, you can get lost in the vineyards that make this territory one of the Italian excellences in terms of food and wine production.

We advise you to stop in a cellar for a wine tasting, where you will have the opportunity to understand the territory thoroughly, discovering its particularities and flavors.

If, on the other hand, you are in Turin, you must absolutely experience this experience:


Tourin by night – @Pixabay

August is the ideal month to stroll through the streets of the historic center of the Piedmontese capital. Thanks to this experience you will be able to explore the always crowded streets and discover hidden corners of this wonderful city. You will be able to admire glimpses of landscape never seen before and you will enjoy the panoramic Savoyard city illuminated and shining in the dark of the night.

We suggest exploring the city with a tour guide, who will make you appreciate the former capital of the Kingdom of Italy, thanks to stories and anecdotes.

To seek some respite from the hot city temperatures, the weekend is perfect for adventures outside the city walls. We offer you:


Langhe – @Pixabay

The Langhe and Monferrato area became part of the Unesco World Heritage sites in 2014. We talked about it in a previous article that you can read by clicking here.

It is located less than an hour from Turin and is a pearl waiting to be discovered. Its historic villages and unique landscapes are famous all over the world, while the climate, as well as its territorial conformation, are the masters in the birth of the excellent wines that are produced here.

The food and wine culture of this area is, in fact, among the oldest in Europe and is among the most popular both in Italy and abroad. In fact, you absolutely cannot miss the opportunity to participate in a guided tour combined with a tasting of excellent Barolo wines in a cellar in Serralunga d’Alba.

Continuing our discovery of the wonderful summer activities in Italy, we cannot fail to mention the cradle of the Renaissance, Florence with a particular and interesting activity.


Cortile degli Uffizi

Open Cinema is an initiative that takes place in the Piazzale degli Uffizi. It is an open-air cinema, which offers a review of auteur films to offer various food for thought and dialogue. The programming of the films, which you can find by clicking here, is very varied: you can in fact see Italian films as well as foreign ones.

The peculiarity is that all the films are in the original language, clearly with Italian subtitles. In this way, you can fully enjoy the cinematic experience, capturing the different inflections of all international languages. In addition, to celebrate the 700th anniversary of the death of the Supreme Poet Dante Alighieri, this year many docufilms and stories about this great Florentine character have been introduced, which you can find in more detail by clicking here.

But if the Florentine heat begins to give you a desire to escape, we just have to recommend a particular city located in the hills, in the middle of Chianti.


Siena – @Pixabay

The city of Siena, a Unesco World Heritage Site since 1995, is a real open-air museum. Its gothic and medieval style come together to create a perfect harmony.

To escape the summer heat wave and to admire the city, we recommend that you enjoy an evening walk with a tour guide. Do not miss the opportunity to discover places and buildings with a centuries-old history such as Piazza del Campo, the Baptistery and Palazzo Piccolomini.

For those who, on the other hand, will find themselves spending the month of August in Rome, in the Italian capital, there are interesting opportunities for both cinema enthusiasts and lovers of the outdoors.


Roma – @Pixabay

In the Villa Borghese Gardens, more precisely at the Ettore Scola open-air theater, you can participate in the film reviews of the Casa del Cinema. This initiative was born in the summer of 2007 and today hosts 300 seats.

During the next event, great films are scheduled: you can travel around the world thanks to Kaleidoscope with movies from India, Germany, Africa and many other countries.

Alternatively, in the Eur district until 9 September, you can enjoy various international films thanks to the Tim Floating Theater. Thanks to this particular location, you will have the opportunity to see a multitude of films from all over the world screened. These are both recently released films and real cult movies: Tim Floating Theater offers the chence to spend an alternative August in the Roman city.

These are just some of our suggestions for spending August in our cities. Do you know other events or do you have any activities you prefer to do during this summer month? Write us!