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Over the last year, we have thought many times to write our Travel Blog. We have often wondered what we could have written to, and if you would have liked to read something of our own. And, finally here is our Travel Blog with the first article waiting to return to travel.

What do we write? It will be interesting? Will anyone read?

These were some of the usual questions we have been asking ourselves for months. And then…

Will we have time to write? Isn’t it that we write the first articles and then we won’t know what to tell anymore?

But then, “tough” as only two Lombard girls can be, we decided to try and, today, we are ready to start with our Travel Blog!

Well, 2020 wasn’t an easy year, it was supposed to be “Our year“. The one that would have brought us so many satisfactions, but unfortunately a worldwide pandemic, unexpected and unpredictable, has put everything on hold and led us to review our plans.

And now? What do we do? How do we react?

Together with another question:

Will we make it?

Moments of sadness, anger and despair alternated with moments of strength and willingness to react to difficulties. We fought like lionesses and we are continuing to do so today. With clenched fists and clenched teeth, as a professional boxer would do in the ring during a fight. We live day by day, always trying to fight back and not letting ourselves be discouraged. Now, we are in a temporary “pause” phase, like a winter hibernation, waiting to hear:

“You can travel again!”


Would you like to hear these words? We can’t wait! And we look forward to:

  • START again to do our beloved job and HELP the recovery of a sector that is in great trouble today;
  • Return to our FRENETIC LIVES and spend our days in front of our laptops, sending emails and make phone calls with our guests and our partners;
  • Give our WELCOME to all those people and tourists, national and international, who until a few months ago were looking forward to visiting our country and today, directly from their homes, dream and plan this trip;
  • ADMIRE our squares full of people and finally see our TOUR GUIDES with a smile, proud and committed to telling you about the beauties of Italy and sharing their knowledge;
  • Drink a good Italian Coffee Espresso at the bar with our friends;
  • And why not, maybe even do some SHOPPING!!!

You may be wondering who we are … Well, first of all, we are two real Lombard girls, madly in love with our territory. We started our “adventure” in January 2019 and today, more than ever, we are proud of the choice we have made. Secondly, we live in one of the most visited and beautiful countries in the world and then, if you also add that tourism is our “daily bread”, open a Tour Operator was a “must” decision!

And then: HERE WE ARE!

A little crazy, very creative and with a great desire to let you discover what Italy, our mother country, can offers.

Since we are currently limited in traveling physically due to restrictions made by all worldwide States, in the upcoming weeks we will try to keep you company by coming directly to your homes, with our articles to make you travel with your mind. Therefore, we want you to discover new locations. Moreover, we’d like to make you remember the beauty of those places you have visited at least once but of which all the details do not come to your attention. Therefore, here is our first article waiting to return to travel, because together we will do it!

Also, do not miss our “Pills of Culture“: that’s what we called them! We will travel through our destinations and, together, we will discover secrets and anecdotes of these fantastic sites. We will get to know places such as Piedmont and discover the amazing UNESCO World Heritage Site of Langhe; we’ll arrive in Turin, the city that today preserves precious traces of the presence of the Savoy during the past. We will pass through Milan, where we will cross the main streets together and we will admire the symbol of the city worldwide: the Duomo of Milan; Furthemore, we will visit the cities of Florence to discover the Renaissance and the Medici as well as Rome, discovering the Roman Empire. And much more awaits you!

Meanwhile, you can get an idea of who we are and what we do by visiting our website clicking on:

We hope to meet you in person very soon, and we send you all our love,

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