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Valentine’s Day: some romantic ideas in Italy

Valentine’s Day is upon us and you want to surprise your soul mate? Do not worry, in this article we will recommend some fantastic destinations where you can spend the day of the party of lovers and, why not, surprise your partners!

Only a few days to go and Valentine’s Day will knock on our doors on February 14th. So what to do to impress our boyfriends? A classic gift or maybe something more special? As long as it is an unforgettable gift!
So why not, a journey to discover new places where you can spend time together, relax and maybe visit the beauties of the place.

Here you are, some romantic ideas to be able to spend a unique Valentine’s Day .


Photo @Carlotta Busatta

In recent years something has changed in the Langhe area; in fact, once upon a time, they were isolated valleys and hills. Today, this wonderful area has become an undisputed tourist destination that every year attracts a large number of tourists who want to discover its beauty.

Expanses of hills covered with vineyards that give the impression of never ending, hazelnut plantations that follow one another, ancient villages where time seems to have stopped. Historic cellars and medieval castles hide a past ready to be discovered.

These are just some of the elements that distinguish the wine-growing landscapes of the Langhe, which together with Monferrato have been a Unesco World Heritage Site since 2014.

Furthermore, these landscapes, of unparalleled beauty, are the perfect place to spend a few days in the pursuit of culture and romance, discovering its secrets and uniqueness. Simply an amazing idea to spend Valentine’s Day!

The best way to discover this place, sometimes magical and fairytale, is certainly by car, as you have the opportunity to wander around this wonderful area and be amazed by its scenic beauty. An obligatory stop on this trip is the small town of Barolo, which rises around the Falletti Castle, now home to the WiMu Wine Museum. Here wine becomes culture and is analyzed from its birth to the present day, discovering its evolution. A path full of details that is worth discovering, especially for lovers of this delicious nectar.

Above all, Barolo is only the first stop in a territory made up of many small villages, different from each other but unique in their kind. Just think of the small village of La Morra or that of Serralunga d’Alba.
During the journey to reach these villages you will find yourself speechless and bewitched by these expanses of vineyards that seem to never end. It is from here that the prestigious Barolo and Nebbiolo wines are born.

If you want to surprise your partners, you should definitely visit a typical cellar combined with a tasting of Barolo wines in Serralunga d’Alba.



  • Palas Cerequio (Borgata Cerequio, 12064 La Morra CN – Tel. 0173 50657)
  • Hotel Casa dei Conti Mirafiore (Via Alba 15, 12050 Serralunga d’Alba CN – Tel. 0173 626670)
  • Réva (Loc. San Sebastiano 68, 12065 Monforte d’Alba CN – Tel. 0173 789269)


Photo @Eleonora Zanon

Florence is one of the most visited Italian cities in the world as well as the perfect location to spend Valentine’s Day. Also known as the “cradle of the Renaissance“, it boasts one of the most beautiful historic centers in the world. Walking through the narrow streets of the center you will feel like you are catapulted into a magnificent place where time seems to have stopped at the Renaissance and the period of the Medici government.

Today, as a testimony of that era, we find a multitude of places that are worth a visit. Just think of the Cathedral of Santa Maria Novella with its dome or the Uffizi; as well as the Accademia Gallery with its David and Palazzo Vecchio with the magnificent Salone dei Cinquecento.
Let’s not forget also to walk around Ponte Vecchio and admire its historic shops with magnificent shop windows.

Certainly, all these places are worth a visit and why not, together with a local tour guide, who will show you the history of this city, the secrets of the family that ruled it for years, accentuating its splendor and all the legends that lie behind each symbol that you will find walking around the city.




Val d'orcia
Photo @Castello Tricerchi

If you decide to spend a few days in Tuscany, an obligatory stop is the Val D’Orcia.

In addition to its wonderful cities of art, in Tuscany we can find breathtaking landscapes and certainly the Val d’Orcia is one of them. A land of rare beauty. Medieval villages, abbeys and castles immersed in a unique landscape made up of gentle hills dotted with cypresses alternating with cultivated fields, vineyards and olive groves and which give this place a unique and romantic atmosphere.

One of the wonderful places in this area that deserves a visit is Montalcino, an ancient stronghold of the Sienese, today home to the famous Brunello wine, renowned throughout the world. An ancient town, which retains its medieval beauty. Time here seems to pass at a slow pace.

If you want to amaze your partners, you absolutely must visit an ancient castle, dating back to medieval times and which now houses a wine cellar. Inside this wonderful place you will have the opportunity to step back into the past and learn about the history of this place as well as appreciate the panorama of the Tuscan countryside.

In addition to the visit, we recommend that you relax and take part in a tasting of the excellent local wines and, perhaps, surprise your lovers with a good Tuscan lunch in a medieval castle.




Lago d'Iseo
Photo @La Montina

The Franciacorta area is located in the heart of Lombardy, a few steps from Lake Iseo in the province of Brescia. Its gentle hills, of ancient origins and an extraordinary mineral richness are the distinctive element of a quality viticulture, which gives rise to Franciacorta wines, appreciated and drunk all over the world.

Also, a unique pearl of this area is the Strada del Vino, starting from Lake Iseo, where you can spend some time before leaving for the vineyards. Exploring this area means being delighted and excited by the mere sight of these enchanting shores. You can also enjoy a visit by boat to Montisola.

You can then enjoy a day as a noble, visiting the ancient holiday resorts of the Brescian nobility of the seventeenth century. Don’t miss Palazzo Porcellaga in Rovato and Palazzo Torri in Corte Franca.

Do you want to take a step back in time in search of a unique place in its history? Then you absolutely must visit a winery located in the heart of Franciacorta and linked to the character of Pope Paul VI. Today, this estate is home to a wine cellar. If you are curious to taste the wines produced by this unique estate you can book a visit with tasting to discover this wonderful place.




Photo @Unsplash

Verona is one of the most romantic cities in Italy. Its beauty and charm have been well known since the time of the Bard, William Shakespeare, who set here Romeo and Juliet, the famous tragedy of the loving couple known all over the world. In fact, Juliet’s birthplace is an unmissable site during your visit to the city!

The Adige river, which flows through Verona, gives the city a particularly intimate and sweet aura. Its historic center was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2000. The reasons for this inclusion in this list are its particular urban structure and its architecture. The latter has developed wisely over time by integrating artistic elements from different historical periods.

Finally, a few steps from Verona is the Valpolicella area, an obligatory destination for a romantic getaway. On the other hand, some of the most popular and well-known wines in the world are produced here: the famous Amarone della Valpolicella, an Italian wine excellence, finds its roots in this area.

We advise you to taste the wines of Valpolicella to fully understand the reality of this area and to understand its potential and the emotion it offers and, why not, surprise your soul mate for Valentine’s Day.



  • Hotel Trieste (Corso Porta Nuova, 57, 37122 Verona VR, Tel. 045 596022)
  • I Tamasotti (Via dei Ciliegi, 10, 37030 Mezzane di sotto VR, Tel. 340 267 8144)


Photo @Pixabay

For those who want to escape the city, just three hours drive from Milan is Bormio. Nature and good food, sport, relaxation are all we can find in this place in the Alta Valtellina.

The alpine climate that you breathe while walking through its alleys and alleys gives magical and intimate emotions, which only a few other countries can boast. The town is, in fact, a gem where medieval palaces and ruins are integrated with those of the fourteenth century. An example is the Kuerc, which from the local dialect means “lid”, and which together with the Torre della Bajona that overlooks it, is the symbol of the city.

Furthermore, to feel like real Kings or Queens, you can have fun visiting the magnificent castles of Valtellina. The Circuito dei Castelli, in fact, will allow you to discover castles, towers and churches in eight different municipalities (Tirano, Sernio, Lovero, Vervio, Tovo di S. Agata, Mazzo di Valtellina, Grosotto, Grosio) of the valley. During the visits to the castles you will also be able to admire the wonderful apple orchards and the many vineyards that make Valtellina one of the most renowned food and wine destinations in Italy.

In fact, food and wine is one of the leading sectors of the place. We recommend a unique experience in a local winery combined with a tasting of typical local products. But absolutely not to be missed is a lunch in a typical Valtellinese restaurant of the place, savoring the typical dishes of the place, including the famous pizzoccheri and sciatt.

On the other hand, Bormio is not only food, but also sport. Just think of the presence of several ski slopes, including the famous Stelvio slope, the place where the famous world ski championships take place every year.

The après-ski, on the other hand, is dedicated to the search for well-being. Therefore, we advise you to book an entrance to the magnificent QC Terme; in fact, you can choose between the historic Bagni Vecchi, with their two thousand years of history, and their ancient Roman Baths or the Bagni Nuovi, more recent but no less beautiful. Absolutely not to be missed if you go to Bagni Vecchi is to immerse yourself in the warm thermal water of the Infinity Pool, admiring the fabulous landscape of the Valtellina.

In conclusion in Bormio you are spoiled for choice on the many activities you can do. such a perfect place to spend Valentine’s Day!




Photo @Pixabay

Turin‘s liberty style gives the Piedmontese capital a certain romanticism. An ideal destination for couples, Turin will excite and amaze you at the same time.

However, a visit to the Mole Antonelliana and the National Cinema Museum will leave you with an indelible memory of this city. The ascent to the mole with the elevator will give this experience that touch of magic that we all seek on Valentine’s Day. The thrill of being together with your lovers and at the same time admiring the entire city on top of what was once the tallest tower in Italy is priceless.

In addition, the city was the seat of the government of the last kings of Italy, the Savoy family. And right here, thanks to a visit to the Royal Palace, you will discover all their secrets and the contribution they have given to the city. You can get lost in its huge decorated rooms, observe unique pieces of furniture, or imagine yourself dancing in the huge hall, but also admire the everyday objects of past centuries. 

Finally, enjoy a nice glass of bicerin, a historic hot and non-alcoholic drink typical of the city and of eighteenth-century origin. Why not, maybe sitting inside the famous historic Caffè Al Bicerin.



And what do you have any suggestions to surprise your partners for Valentine’s Day? Write us your ideas!

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